Buying a New Truck in Brunswick or Jacksonville – Part 2

Buying a New Truck in Brunswick or Jacksonville – Part 2

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of deciding on a budget when you are planning to buy a new truck. That should be your first step.

We also discussed whether your new truck would be for work or personal use. We looked at a list of questions to consider when buying a new truck. We’ll review these in more detail below.

Buying a New Truck – Decision Questions:

Will you be using the truck be for work or personal use?

  • This question will help determine your budget, as a company expense is handled completely different than a personal expense.  It can also dictate the type of financing you do.
  • This will also help determine what types of chores you will need to get out of the truck.

What will you normally carry in the bed of the truck?

  • The types, amounts and weights of the cargo you intend to carry will guide your decision when buying a new truck.
  • Will you need a haul heavy equipment or other heavy loads? This can help determine your needs in terms of load capacity, suspension, engine size, etc.
  • Will you need to cover the bed? If you are frequently going to be hauling items that need to stay dry, you may need to consider a bed cap or tonneau cover.
  • Will you be carrying items that will scratch up a truck bed? Consider a bed liner.

Will you be towing a boat or trailer?

  • If you plan on towing anything with your new truck, you will need to know how much weight you will be pulling, etc. New pickup trucks have a wide variety of towing and suspension packages available to cover a lot of different situations. Check with us to determine the best options.
  • The weight you plan to tow will also impact your choice of engine and power. If you are just towing a small john boat, you may be fine with a half ton smaller engine model. However, if you own a large 5twheel trailer, you may need a 2500 model with a large high HP V8.  We can help you decide.

How many passengers will normally ride with you?

  • If you plan to be in truck by yourself most of the time, you may be fine with a regular cab and not need a back seat.
  • If you plan to have a work crew of 2 or 3 others with you often, you will most likely need a crew cab type truck with 4 doors and a roomy back seat.

Where will the truck be driven most often?

  • If most of your driving is running around on paced flat roads, you can get by with less power and a less rigid suspension.
  • If on the other hand you are driving in the mountains frequently, especially if you are towing anything, you are going to want more power.
  • Will you be in the mud a lot, or in snow? Consider a 4-wheel drive model.

Will this be your primary form of transportation?

  • If this will be a second vehicle, or used primarily for work, you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles.
  • If this will be your main form of transportation, or a family vehicle, you are going to appreciate options that add to comfort and convenience, such as:
    • Leather seating
    • Navigation
    • Bluetooth
    • Lots of audio options
    • Etc.

When buying a new truck in Brunswick, Jacksonville or anywhere else, it is important to know what your needs are and what options fit those needs the best. At Dan Vaden of Brunswick, we can help you answer those questions. Get in touch today.

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